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(This website, in its current form, was first launched on October 11, 2011)


 (Translations in progress)

Wes Penre

My name is Wes Penre and I am a researcher and a writer. My main research since 1998 has been focused on exposing the Global Elite (the Powers That Be, who are pulling the strings on mankind from behind the scenes), in combination with humanity's spiritual journey into the future.

In 1998 I posted my first website, Illuminati News, on the Internet and it is still up and running. It's a giant database where I expose the Global Elite (also called the PTB [Powers That Be] and the "Illuminati") and their plans to gain total control over mankind. I also on the Illuminati News website, to a smaller extent, explain that there are interdimensional star beings who pull the strings on the Illuminati as well. So there is a strict hierarchy in this control system, which extends to outside our planet and even into other dimensions. Therefore, in reality, the super rich families on this planet, who we may think are in charge because of their incredible wealth and hunger for power are merely puppets themselves in a much larger game, which is played out in other dimensions by beings living in the, for us invisible electromagnetic spectra.

Illuminati News grew so big, and became so popular that I decided to stop updating it; basically it had grown too big. Instead I posted all updates from 2009 up until today on a blog I created, which I decided to call Blog on the "Wes Penre Papers".

WesPenre.com, which from 2011 to 2015 has been my main website, is diving into the details of the creation of our Universe/Multiverse; how and where life on Planet Earth started; the genetic manipulation of mankind, which made Homo sapiens sapiens come into existence; the War of the "gods" here on Earth and elsewhere in the Universe; much more on who are pulling the strings on the Global Elite; the upcoming difficulties and challenges we are meeting; and finally, how to deal with our situation in order to experience a peaceful and happy living in the New Era, which started around 2013.

Important to understand is that this is my journey and everything in here is according to my research, and/or my own experiences and conclusions. Your journey may be slightly, or entirely different from mine, which means that I am not looking for "followers", and I have no wish to be a "guru" or authority on any subject. Those who have read my work from earlier years can easily see how my path has developed to the point where I am today. Hopefully, I will continue growing spiritually so that I am somewhere totally different in a few years from now; in a whole new level of reality.

In other words, it is perfectly fine to disagree with my conclusions and soulutions if they don't match with your own view on reality. My hope is that I can inspire you to continue your own research and journey into the future by perhaps take some of my material to heart and use as a springboard towards your own increased understanding of the Universe/Multiverse/Omniverse. I see myself as a teacher and a student at the same time, and I am a teacher only in the sense that I teach what I have learned and taken to heart up to the day of my last writing. Life is an infinite journey and a never-ending learning lesson.

The Purpose of this Website

This website is based upon a new idea I had some time ago. Instead of writing a book I decided to create a site which consists of "papers" of which I am the author (except for some articles in the "Cognitive Section"). The Papers span over a vast amount of subjects, all of which I feel are of highest importance for everyone on this planet. All these subjects, however, I feel are connected and need to be combined to get the Bigger Picture of reality.

The reader can pick and choose papers of interest from the Site Map page and read in any order he or she likes, but to get the best grasp of the whole concept would be to navigate this site by starting from the beginning, just as you would with a book, and read through it all in sequence. By doing so, you will be taken on a thrilling rollercoaster ride through space and time.

Important Note: I don't want the reader to miss out on references and end notes. In my papers I am using end notes when I want to give you a reference, or if I want to expand on something which otherwise would interfere with the flow in the main text. It will look something similar to this, e.g.[23]. This particular link will not work, but once you're reading a paper, and you click on the number, it will take you down to the end note section and you can read what is written there. But here is the important part: some readers may think they lose track of where they were in the text if they follow an end note link, but that's not the case. Once you have read the end note, all you need to do is to press the back button on your browser and you will automatically return to where you were reading in the text!

All papers can also be downloaded in "pdf" for free! In the beginning part of each paper, under the title, there is a pdf icon, which looks like this: . Just right-click on it and choose "save target as" and save it to your hard drive, or left-click and read it online.

Please also check the "What's New?" section, in which I will mention all updates I am making to this site after it was first launched on October 10, 2011.

In addition to my own work, I have an "E-Books and Essays for Free" section where you can download a lot of amazing books and material.

If you want to contact me, you can do so by clicking here.

Levels of Learning

There are five "Levels of Learning" all together on this website, with a fifth Level being completed by the end of February, 2015. My first intention was to release only three levels of learning, but after I had completed that task in spring 2013, I soon started to realize that there was a lot more to expose on this particular extraterrestrial issue; especially as more information was revealed to me. Now it's been decided, however, that there will be five levels of learning and that's the end of it. Please look in the "Updates" section for any news happening on this site.

It is my hope that the reader, as he or she progresses through the papers, notices quite an increase in consciousness and a much deeper understanding of what is going on with this planet and how the universe and the Multiverse are built and how they are working. It is also my hope that the reader will understand that with the unique knowledge presented on this website, he or she can figure out an escape route from the trap which we have been manipulated into by certain extraterrestrials. As it turns out, we have been trapped here since the dawn of the human race, controlled by the exact same beings from the beginning and up until now, and it's ongoing.

Still, there is no end to learning, and there is no one on this planet who can say that they know it all, and that there's nothing more to learn. There is always a new level of learning regardless of where we are in the process. However, with the information you are about to take part of, you will be able to break the chains you've been sitting in from incarnation to incarnation; you will understand who you are and where you want to be heading, and you will be able to decide what you want to do with your future. Authorities, using negative control to get what they want from us, and their extraterrestrial masters, will lose their stronghold over you once you understand these levels of learning!

Once we understand the ET (extraterrestrial) influence in our lives, we will also understand how everything is connected; there is no way around it; it needs to be known. There are a lot of benevolent star beings out there, but those who are directly influencing our planet do not belong to that category, which I will show beyond any reasonable doubt. Therefore, it's crucial that as many people as possible start looking into these subjects I'm presenting; because the majority of this information can't be found anywhere else on this planet!

How to Navigate and Where to Start

When reading "The Wes Penre Papers", one after the other, the best way to navigate this website is either directly from the Site Map pages, which can be accessed from any page you are reading by clicking the icon in the top left corner of the page. You will find five different Site Maps, labeled "Site Map Level I," "Site Map Level II," "Site Map Level III,", "Site Map Level IV," and "Site Map Level V." This is because my papers are best understood if they are read in order (but don't necessarily have to be), and just as college or university degrees, you complete one level at the time and continue to the next; hence the "Levels of Learning" and the corresponding site maps. On the top left of this Index Page, together with the other icons, and highlighted with yellow text, you also have access to a Site Index, which shows a more overall navigation map of this website.

Feel free to browse around on this website and check out the different tables of contents (Site Maps) so you can see what kind of issues I am bringing up before you start reading. Then I suggest you start from the beginning by clicking on "Site Map Level I" on the top left of this page, or simply click here, which will take you to the same place. If you are totally unfamiliar with the "Illuminati" and the Powers That Be, I strongly advise you to begin by reading the paper called, "Introductory Paper: Basic Information on the Global Elite a.k.a. “The Shadow Government”" before you start reading "The First Level of Learning". Otherwise it may be quite difficult to grasp the concept that I am trying to convey. You can read the "Introductory Paper" if you click here, or you will find it as the first paper on "Site Map Level I".

If you already are familiar with the Illuminati, you can certainly skip that paper and start right away with the first paper in "The First Level of Learning". Just go to "Site Map Level I".

I hope the reader will have an enlightening and interesting journey. Comments and feedback are always welcome, and you can find my email address on the Contact page.

NEW: On Saturday, July 4, 2015, I started uploading my e-books and the papers you are about to read to a website located at http://issuu.com/wespenre. The uploaded files so far contain my e-book, "Beyond 2012--A Handbook for the New Era" (2013), "The First Level of Learning," "The Second Level of Learning," and "The Third Level of Learning." The two final levels of learning will hopefully be uploaded the upcoming week.

The files are pdf files, which are not possible to read on most smart phones, but on this new website, the pdf files are converted to a reader-friendly format that you can load on your phone and comfortably read on the screen. This has been in demand, and unfortunately I haven't gotten to it until now.

The new website, which is simply a free-of-charge "self-publishing website" does not by any means substitute what is here on wespenre.com (this website is far more extensive). The ISSUU.COM site is just an upload, mainly for those who use smart phones and tablets to read e-books and articles (although it can be used as a comfortable way of reading pdf files online on most other devices as well). Hope you'll enjoy! When all files have been uploaded, a notice will be posted on my News Page.

Please also visit Wes Penre's Facebook page, and feel free to make a "Friends Request". I am also available on LinkedIn.

Wes Penre, October 11, 2011

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